Women’s collective is a vulnerable group since it finds difficulties in access to employment, training and labour promotion. Those difficulties are perceived as a general lack of opportunities that leads to a sensation of lack of autonomy and difficulties in personal realization and promotion. This situation does not affect every woman equally, and it possibly has more affectation on those women over 30 years and those living in rural areas.

Advances on equal opportunity mean also advances on competitiveness, and it is a key factor in the current economic times. Advances on equality means, indeed, moving towards a new productive model and it is also an improvement factor for companies and working people. Nowadays, advances on equality stands for a key factor for facing the current economic situation.

The goal of this project is to identify the measures for personal and work conciliations that are established on the territories. Detecting and assessing the different training actions and their aims: cultural and mind changes through training, information and awareness programmes. The phases of the project are:

  1. To analyze legislation and regulations to be applied in each territory

  2. To study on the application of conciliation regulations
  3. Detection and analysis of training activities addressed to the responsible person of applying conciliation measures (HR, direction,…)

  4. Identify best practices in training to provide tools for conciliation.
  5. Identify Good Practices at a business level to encourage conciliation and the impact of these measures on access to work.

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