The main goal will be to determine the level of conciliation among partners and identify new actions that allow the improvement of this conciliation.

  • Promoting equal opportunities in employment and the access to it, with no distinction between men and women; and access to employment for women who have been out of the job market and have faced specific difficulties in it, through the conciliation of family and professional lives.
  • Generating best training practices in conciliation
  • Partners to know other realities that may be applied to some extent in their territories.
  • Determining what services to support conciliation of family and professional lives are most useful.

Topics to be discussed:

  1. To analyze legislation and regulations to be applied in each territory
  2. To study on the application of conciliation regulations
  3. Detection and analysis of training activities addressed to the responsible person of applying conciliation measures (HR, direction,…)
  4. Identify best practices in training to provide tools for conciliation.
  5. Identify Good Practices at a business level to encourage conciliation and the impact of these measures on access to work.


It consists of a series of positive actions in order to facilitate collective reflexions about the realities and experiences of the participating countries. It will be one of the evaluation mechanisms of training and of the territories’ current status, as it will detect uncovered needs and it will identify the needs for specific reinforcements that may occur. The collaborative work between institutions will be addressed to training and awareness programmes for conciliation.

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